Bnar Pshko Ahmed [Known as Bnar Pshko) is a famous Kurdish Media Character, Bnar was born in Sulaymaniyah city/Iraq, Bnar started her journey at a young age as an actor in Kurdish Drama which give her the opportunity to improve her skills and widen her knowledge and activities in media.


Bnar Pshko was born in Sulaymaniayh city of Iraq, she grow up in an artistic family, at a very young age Bnar began her acting journey in Kurdish drama show called “ (Hangawakani sar Xullamesh - Steps on Ashes) “, this way Bnar gained the love of the youth community in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, Bnar then finished her studies in the college of law, and in addition to acting bnar worked as a TV presenter in her own show where she hosted multiple famous Kurdish media characters.

Bnar has being volunteering in supporting youth and share hope among all her fanbase, she was an organizer in Middle East Sustainable Peace Organization – MESPO and was a coordinator at the youth council.


Bnar pshko always wanted to be different and her dream was to be a pilot, her dream faced the law of Iraq that bans females from being a pilot, she started studying in law department at university.

Bnar Pshko participated in many events and trainings for youth development and empowerment, Bnar inspired many young people to move forward and reach their goals


Bnar Pshko is a successful TV presenter with skills in the filed of acting, producing and hosting shows, Bnar worked in different environments and different situations, which give her the flexibility and ability to adopt new media work environments, as an independent woman Bnar owns her show “Bnar Talk” and she hosted many of the famous Media characters.


Bnar Talk show

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